Friday Favorites!

I haven’t posted a Friday Favorites in forever! I thought not working would give me tons of time to do the things I want to do, but my days go buy so quick and blogging has fallen down my list of important tasks everyday. I am really trying to get back into it more and more, so hopefully you will be seeing more posts from my in the near future.

Photo from my instagram- I am just dying to travel!!!



Twenty worst yearbook photos– so so awesome!

I plan on making some birthing kits– read this blog post for more info and to help out!

I am dying over this flamingo dress! And they even have it in my size! And since we are pretend shopping, this dress too please!

If this video doesn’t make you cry you are a jerk! Also, I am such a sucker for a good wedding video! Another epic wedding video!


This video is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Dita Von Teese and Joan Rivers- her wardrobe it killer!

So bummed at how Cake Boss handled having Carmen Carera on a recent episode!

Awesome video of a performance by Angela Ellsworth, one of my former professors and a really good artist.


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