My darling fella

What would I do without my Mike? I honestly sometimes just don’t know, I honestly feel like he completes my life.

And I don’t mean this in a “I need a man to be complete way” but in a “how the fuck did I get so lucky?!!” way!

The beginning of last year I said to Mike that I was done trying to be a photographer, I didn’t want the stress I didn’t want the hassle and I just felt like I couldn’t win. But honestly at that time I was barely trying, I was spending my time looking at other photographer’s success and assuming there was no room for little ol’ me and my dream. Mike made me realize that even if it’s not easy IT IS WHAT I LOVE and I had to keep trying. So I did, and I’ve gotten back on the horse so to speak. And now, almost a year and half later with my secret weapon (ok, it’s no secret- it’s Mike) in my pocket I am going full gusto, quit my job and after next week pursing my photography full time.

I have so many ideas, so many lists, so many ideas for list and so many lists of ideas! I feel so motivated and excited and encouraged. Much is from grabbing myself by the ahem, nether regions and saying- you know what, let’s do this woman, believe in yourself, c’mon now let’s go go go! But SO SOS OS OSOSOSOS SOSOS OSO SO SO SO much is from my darling, boyfriend, Michael.

When I first started talking about it Mike never skipped a beat; he said- do it.
I said what about bills, he said- do it, we will figure it out.
I said what if I fail and it doesn’t work, he said, you will find another job then- do it.
I said I don’t think this is a good idea, what the fuck am I thinking? he said- do it.
I’ve said but you will have to work and I am home and what the hell and he said – do it.

He hasn’t once said “But what about…” or “Do you really think…” or “Are you sure that…”
He just keeps saying he supports me, he knows I can do it, we will figure out and I need to just do it.
So in large part because of him, I am doing it.

I’ve had some less than ecstatic reactions from family and friends to the news.
Nobody else has been so supportive, everyone else questions the money and the logistics, but Mike knows and believes in me.
And for that I am so incredibly amazingly grateful, that these words seem like they don’t even scratch the surface. They seem so little for just how amazingly lucky I am to have such a wonderful man in my life and to be able to follow and pursue what I hope to become because of his generosity, belief in me and amazingly awesome love.


2 thoughts on “My darling fella

  1. Thing is, you gotta try it right?! Cos if you don’t you’ll always wonder. And with such a loving man beside you, you can’t lose (even if the photography thing doesn’t work out). Wish you all the best 🙂

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