Friday Links

Custom necklace by Running With Scissors

I just love Johnny Cupcakes!

Even though I have my Rebel XTi permanently on my right thigh, I’d love to put on some more temporary camera tattoos.

I really am digging Lilly McElroy’s work– and she used to live in AZ.

I am dying to see this film, the preview looks so good.

Miss Natasha gave me a shoutout on her blog– which I am totally loving by the way!

This awesome video of Brendan Kelly singing a song from his new album is awesome. Awesome.

Modcloth wants: this top, this killer dress, this gorgeous thang, this wicked cute top, this lovely dress, these Betsey Johnson wedges, and these adorable sandals.

I AM DYYYYYYYYYING. Can I please have like $15,000?

Anyone else remember Teen Girl Squad?

One of my goals this year is to ride in a hot air balloon- but after looking it up and realizing it’s crazy expensive, not sure if it will happen. Instead I will ooh and aaah at these photos.

My sister has  a new Etsy for her cut paper illustrations. She had all the the Avengers up the other day- but they already all sold! She can do custom stuff or she will have others up soon!


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