Tom Gabel came out as transgender!!!

Photo by Tara O. Photos

Against Me! has been one of my favorite bands for a really really long time. And Tom Gabel’s lyrics have always really really touched me deeply and helped me through some rough patches. It was a highlight for me to see them play at Zia Records and be close enough to photograph the band! So upon hearing the  news that Gabel has come out as a transgender I am beyond ecstatic for her! I really didn’t see it coming and I think that’s the best part- it really shows that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover.


I’ve always had a HUGE crush on Gabel and now that she is public with her decision I don’t think that’s bound to change. I know her lyrics will still be inspiring and beautiful. And Against Me! will always be a killer band in my heart, their albums to date have been some of the most influential in my life. And I think it shows that gender can’t be stereotyped and can’t be put into little brackets, sometimes it’s fluid and sometimes it’s blurred and the fact that I am so attracted to Gabel is because of the person she is, not just the sexy looks- and since I’ve always thought she is cute as a man there’s no doubt as a woman I will think the same.

Photo by Tara O. Photos

So the internet and many blogs are all abuzz about this announcement and there’s apparently been some haters, but there’s also been lots of public love and support for the “punk rock community” which makes me incredibly happy. Because really what’s more punk rock or rock n roll than being who you are publicly and happily. So happy for Gabel (who is going to go by Laura Jane Grace) and the decision she made.


My favorite part of the whole thing? Tom (Laura Jane Grace) is married to a woman named Heather. And from what I’ve read, she’s crazy awesome and supportive and staying with him. Now that is true love. I’ve always said, you can never really know who you might fall in love with, whether male or female. In matters of true love, it’s not gender that matters, it’s the pure love and connection you can have with another person that’s so beautiful.

Rolling Stone has an amazing article in the issue that came out yesterday. I really suggest you buy it and and give it a read! I really love the formerly-Tommy-Gabel even more now than I thought I did. What a beautifully honest and real human being. It’s seriously so awesome to me. And beautiful. I think I’ve said beautiful too much during this post!

If you want to read more about this whole story you can google “tom gabel transgender” and there’s lots and lots of articles!


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