Frankie’s Tiki Bar bathroom in Vegas- channeling the myspace mirror shot asthetic

Obsessing over: being a full time photographer and making it work so I can pay my bills and do what I love! My mind is overflowing with ideas and inspiration but my head is also saying “what the hell are you thinking?”

Reading: I need to start a new book and am planning on doing very soon, there’s just a lot going on right now. I did however get an old issue of BUST on eBay and read that the other night and enjoyed it so much. Wish I could afford to buy every single back issue, that magazine is just perfect!

Watching: Me and Mike have been obsesssing over “How I Met Your Mother” but last night we took a break and watched both Addams Family movies in a row! I never sit through a whole movie, let alone two, but I gave myself permission to relax and enjoy the time with my fella and cuddle up with my puppies (though I did pause twice for laundry…)

Working on: Yowza! So much- you should see my to do lists! It’s fucking insane how much I have in mind. Lots of editing to do, rebuilding my site through liveBooks…and about a hundred other things I don’t want to think about right now or I might start stressing myself out like crazy!

Thinking about: how it should be a given right to make a living off doing what you love and how unfair it is that our society isn’t set up that way, that you get practically forced into working for someone else and making them money and we are told this is just how it is suppose to be and we are lucky if we have any job at all.

Anticipating: Thursday. Check back for why : ]

Listening to: at this moment I am listening to the Savage Love Podcast with Dan Savage- it’s amazing and you should listen to it too!

Eating/drinking: drinking some water, like usual. Going to Taco Bell with some work peeps for lunch soon since we are all mega broke!


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