The Revival Tour

So I’ve been aware of The Revival Tour but never went until this year, when I was stoked to see Tom Gabel on the lineup.I am so fucking (oh no! dirty!) I went to this show, it was downright killer!I had an amazing time with my good lady Candy and got to hear about 7 or 8 old school Against Me! tracks acoustic from Tom and company- it was awesome.I’ve also become obsessed with Chuck Ragan since the show where I was so impressed I bought his record.


Gorgeous Mister Tom Gabel


Yummy rum and pineapple- my drink of choice


Candy me and Mary


Blurry photos of course are a must


And of course, too much flash with a bad pose


I don’t want Candy to move to Portland : [


Our matching tattoos!


All the players, the ending was sooooo good!


At  the end of the show


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