Friday Links!!!!

Pretty good roundup this week- at least I think so!!!!

I am so happy it’s Friday, this weekend should be killer with a tea party tomorrow and shooting three lovely ladies on Sunday!
Hope yours kicks ass too!

why is my fella just so dang handsome? don’t know how i got so lucky!!!!

A very lovely and inspiring blog post from the Green Room on Rock N Roll Bride.

This collection of Easter bunny images had me laughing so hard I had to go to the restroom at work ’cause I couldn’t stop laughing. Number 45 got me good.

This article about whether or not to have kids hits super close to home for me. It’s very honest and a very good read.

If I had a daughter, she would totally get a President Barbie to play with!

Pretty sure this lens wrap was made for me. A burrito? For my lens! Yes pleassssssssse! Oh and I also need this really bad too!

This is such a rad idea. I think I might start one of these jars at home for myself.

I really want to make some teacup cacti mini planters! They would make cute gifts too!

This post over on All This Grace and Charm is really good and I totally relate!

I love this lesbian wedding– it’s so darling!

I love this track by Andrew Jackson Jihad– I hadn’t heard it before today. If you don’t listen to them you are crazy!

I really love and appreciate this post over on Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth.


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