Women in Art- Tara McPherson

Here’s the start of my occasional “Women in Art” series. It will mostly be photos and then some words about why this woman inspires me and how! If you want to know what year they were born or where they work look it up yourself. I have no need to rehash boring facts here!

Going to start with


First off, please get me that camera for my collection!

Secondly, hey she stole my name! But really, I love Tara McPherson’s work. She has a few books, sadly none of which I own due to low finances, but I do however have her incredible stationary set that I’ve only used once because I fear that it will be gone and then what to I write letters on? Something else in my large box of cards/stationary?

Besides that point…Miss McPherson’s work is clean and exists with a palette of colors I dream of.  And her subject matter is always awesome. Lots of sea/water themes, and also outer space. Then playboy bunnies and um, Sarah Silverman! With a ‘stache finger! So legendary! I love the way you can tell a painting or piece of work is hers. Even when I saw her Hello Kitty vinyl toy I knew it was hers and that was when I was barely familiar with her work! The teal/red color combo she uses often is what I want my kitchen to become!  I want to have that kind of continuity and recognition throughout my photos! I want people to see my photos and know that they are mine- not an easy thing to do as an artist!


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