New Couch

So if you haven’t caught on in random things here and there, I really want need a new couch.

Ok so obviously “need” is too extreme, but the couches I have came from the house I grew up in. And they are not only about 15 years old, but have been attacked a few times but my lovely puppy dogs.

I would show you photos, but it would just be embarrassing.

So I’ve been on the lookout and this last weekend I found my DREAM couch. If you know some about me, you know I love gold. And the blues would go perfect with my color scheme!!!

Problem is that it’s a grand. Ouch. But it’s so huge and comfy and I mean- look at a close up on the pattern!!!!

I also found a close second, but it’s pretty worn. Though it’s only $700 (haha only!) and a bit bigger!

Anyone wanna fund a Tara’s New Couch fund?!?


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