Friday Links of things Around the Internet <3

My dear old friend Lisa visited from New Orleans two weeks ago- I had a Tini Bikini Martini- soooo yummy!

I really dig these Ask a Mortician videos. The whole site is awesome.

The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret photographed by Kaylin Idora at the Botanical Gardens in Helsinki, February 2012 is absolutely perfect in every way!

This article about quitting your day job is rad and makes me want to work for myself even more!

A really truthful and smart post from Bling & Bones– one of my favorite blogs.

Found an awesome new blog- Plays with Needles. If you like fiber arts check it out!!!

I think I might have linked this before, but I’ve been obsessed with this Nicki Minaj mix for weeks!

This exhibit of vintage vibrators makes me wish I lived in San Fransisco. As if I needed another reason to want to live there!

Totally dress lusting like crazy lately- look at this one oh and this one too! Ooooh oooh this one! And of course I will forever love pink and black!


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