A short and sweet post

At the Grand Canyon this weekend

Obsessing over: Shoes and Clothing. My itch to shop has been crazy lately, which isn’t working out since I need to pay down my credit card! Ooops!
Working on: way too much at once. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what to do next and being motivated at all. I’m just so tired everyday after work and I just want to make food, hangout with Mike and sleep, but I need to make time to work on my goals and get where I want to be.
Thinking  about: How many amazing people I have in my life! And trying to focus on all the good. I recently reduced my antidepressant dosage and it’s been a little rough, but I am doing pretty good considering and attempting to keep my head up as much as possible.
Anticipating: Vegas tomorrow night! I am so very excited to work with almost all new girls and I have 8 shoots so I will have plenty to come back with! I am going to have a blast and it’s Mandie Bee’s birthday while we are there!
Listening to: Pandora on my phone. Teenage Bottlerocket is an awesome station- right now it is playing the Queers- Psycho Over You!!!
Eating: nothing at the moment, just drinking water, but it’s almost my lunch break. Lane and Sage are coming to have peanut butter and honey sandwiches and I have some strawberries and grapes, so it should be an amazing lunch break today!
Wishing: I didn’t have to have a full time job. I want to work for myself and only make my living doing photography and maybe running a thrift shop as well. I would love to do that so much, I want to work for myself more than almost anything in the world.
Took this idea from Danielle at SometimesSweet.com again!

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