Yesterday was magical

Saturday morning laziness. Cuddles with the puppies. Playing in our fort. Grocery shopping. Windows down, energy drink jitters. Pure joy for life. Pizza and biscuits. TV on the couch. Handsome fella. More happy feelings and butterflies. Dog wash. Taryn. Brownies and cookies. Doggie treats. Adoption. Bowtie for Lou. Tattoo gift certificate. Natasha and her amazing outfit. Photographing. Amazing doggies all over. Lot of pretty ladies and friends. Networking. Slushies. Driving and singing. Boyfriend and giggles. Driving to Chandler. Brother being a killer dad. Mikes brother. Beer and bbq. Goldfinger and Face to Face. Suprising Mike with a chicken wrap. Lots of beer kisses. Laughing nieces. Indian Fry Bread. Hugs and smiling until it hurts. Silly drunk brothers. Pita Jungle. Apple cider cocktail. Spring cool chill breeze. Andrew Jackson Jihad. Candy Brayer. All three brothers together. Seeing LaRen. Crying to “Rejoice.” Quick draive home. Tuckered out and out like a light.

I think it would be too hard to tell you all about it. And I wish I had more photos, but I am almost glad I don’t because it was such a beautiful day and I have it etched in my memory very well. And I think this list sums it up. (Also, I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera after uploading off it so I couldn’t take any photos. Haha.) It was just such a perfect day with the exclusion of stupid family drama bullshit, but I am not letting that take away from how amazing I felt yesterday. I told Mike when we first woke up and drove to Fresh and Easy “I feel like I am on top of the world and I don’t know why” and that feeling lasted almost the whole day. It was magical. I think this photo of my niece Ava sums it up perfectly!


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