Friday Favorite Links

Natasha and Javi

I love Gala Darling’s blog- and this post about makeup and feminism is brilliant!

This post about sand portraits is killer! I am loving the blog too-  Bizness is Casual.

Love this post The Art of Self Confidence on Rock N Roll Bride.

I hope to be this gorgeous on my wedding day- what a killer bride!

Can you believe a company would be stupid enough to put this on their label?

DIY Scratch cards are so rad- I wanna make some with photoshoot discounts!

I want this camera strap, I’ve always just used the one that came with my cameras.

I am dying over Lime Crime’s lipsticks– and they are all vegan too! Whaaaaaaaaaa!

A little birdie smoke detector– brilliant!!!

I really like this photo set. It’s very interesting and very well done.

Totally want to use some of these ideas for traditional Irish weddings, like the ringing of bells!

This article on gender pricing is interesting, why does this happen still in our world. Ugh.

I am dyiiiiiiiiiiing over this dress from Modcloth. Can I get these shoes too- they are killer.

Pregnant Burlesque!? How damn cute is she!!!!

Danielle is such a stellar writer and I can totally relate to this post.


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