Back in the “real world”

My little baby dog- Chicken

So I no longer work nights from home anymore, I got to switch to days and work out of the downtown office. It’s been a weird week so far, but I am excited to part of the real world again, not being awake all night alone by myself.

Of course, like any situation there are some cons. I am trying not to focus on them, but it can be hard because they are big bummers. I really miss being able to eat all my meals at home. I also miss my dogs so much it’s sort of ridiculous, I love them so much. Of course having a commute sucks, especially when everyone else is on their way to work as well. But it is so great to be awake during the day and to get to spend time with people; when I was working at home I was alone for 10 hours excluding the 30 minutes or so Mike would be getting ready for work.

So unfortunately this will probably make it harder for me to blog as much as I have been since I have less time at home and actually will be sleeping alright instead of my sleep being all over the place. I will still be blogging though- don’t worry!!! I just want to explain why it might be a little less frequently.

For now I am working at the office and missing my puppies, but loving it for the most part!


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