Thrifting Adventures with Jessica

Yesterday was all about spending time with my lovely dear friend Jessica. I have known Jessica since the first day of high school and I love her to death.
So I cut my sleeping short, woke up and we had quite the adventuresome afternoon/evening! And we found some killer stuff, which I will show in my new podcast this week, so stay tuned for that in the next couple days!

The more time I spend exploring downtown Phoenix the more and more I love it…

Saw this driving and I really want it! So cute!

Fueling up- I’ve been really into these Starbucks refershers- so yummy!

Photobucketlunch at Green– it was Jessica’s first time there and she loved it- duh!


Then we traded some stuff at Buffalo Exchange and actually got some credit to shop with!


Not the best photo of us, but oh well!


I seriously love Buffalo so much, it’s such an awesome store


Then we went to Zinnias and Antique Sugar but they were about to close so we barely got to look


Then we went to another thrift store, I want to say it’s called “Treasures for You” now but it was Sweet Sues


It’s really big and I found some killer stuff here!


I already have rollerskates, but who doesn’t need a backup pair- well not me. I didn’t buy them : ]


Then we ended the night at Nami with coffee and shared a Soynami!


Coffee and water and awesome outside conversation


I was so cold and I still ate my soynami- isn’t my new throw AMAZING!!!


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