The Slackers

So last night I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, the Slackers. I can remember the first time I heard them, I use to have my irish step dancing rehearsals in the back room of a record store called Monkey Mambo, up by Metrocenter Mall. I was planning to go see Flogging Molly and I had seen on the flyer that The Slackers were playing as well, so I went in the store during a rehearsal and bought “Live at Ernestos” I sat and listened to it instead of my dance music in my headphones and got reprimanded by the instructor for not practicing. Starting then I’ve rarely missed them play when they’ve been in Phoenix and their shows have been some of the best I’ve been to.

The kind where you wake up with lots of eyeliner packed on and smeared, hair a mess, smelling like cigarettes and with your lungs so sore from dancing and blisters on your feet from dancing in heels. The whole next day the lyrics keep streaming through your head and you get a whole renewed feeling of utter love and happiness from their music again, just like the first time. Unfortunately, last night was not like that, at all.

Perhaps I’m getting old, but kids these days- yuck. I was getting pushed around, had no room to dance and the crowd just sucked hard. I was in strange mood when I got there and after almost not being let back in after going to my car to put my purse away, I was just irritated. I was really anxious and just feeling kind of sad but I got to dance for a bit, then enjoyed the last few songs sitting in the back. It’s so great to see some people I rarely see and everyone looking so dapper, except of course the ugly gross dudes in the leather jackets who smelt like rotten lunch meat.

After last night I am going to have an even harder time getting myself to go to shows, I get tired and anxious and the crowd irritates me and I get way sweaty. I still love seeing bands live, but sometimes it’s truly not worth the hassle. All in all, seeing all the rad people there was worth it, but I am just getting too old I believe.


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