Obsessing over: the idea of planning a wedding. I never really cared much to daydream about getting married, but I’ve started reading blogs and looking at all sorts of wedding stuff. I can pretty much guarantee that me and Mike will tie the knot one day. Not sure when it will be, we talk about it on occasion, but the idea of marrying him and getting everyone together is super exciting to me!

Working on: Lots of photoshoots I cannot share yet! I am trying to get published in some pinup magazines and they mostly want stuff that has not been put out. So I’ve done and edited two amazing shoots that I just want to put out into the world so badly- but I am really hoping to get published in the next few months, I really wanna get into Retro Lovely!!!

Thinking about: the wedding I am going to photograph tomorrow! The groom is an old friend and we get to shoot him and his bride with his 1950s Cadillac!

Anticipating: swap meet/thrift shopping with my dear friend Jessica on Sunday! Also, I get off work in an hour and a half and get to sleep! Excited about this as well.

Listening to: An awesome mix my friend Joanna sent me in the mail- she put up part of it on a playlist you can find here– it’s seriously so gooood!

Eating: lots of cereal- I’ve been on a real kick! Specifically Kashi Cinnamon Harvest ❤

Wishing: that someone wanted to donate me a Canon 5D Mark II out of the kindess of their dear little heart!

Got this from Miss Danielle over at


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