Friday Favorite Links!

from October 2010

I am really eyeing this set of Kat Von D lipsticks…should I do it? Ooooh and look at Nicki Minaj’s new pink lipstick!

Is it just me or do you just love Mary Kate and Ashley– they are darling! Oh my goodness- here they are on Arsenio Hall when they were tiny!

I want these nesting dolls– they are so cute!

Been watching Saturday Night Live while working- this sketch with Paris Hilton is hilarious! And this clip from this past weekend is hilarious!

How rad is this Cupid themed Engagement shoot!

I’m wanting this bow skirt something fierce!

A really awesome post about storing produce– very informative!

I really want this Johnny Cupcakes tshirt!

I’ve been needing to live in New York lately and seeing stuff like this doesn’t help that desire!

Modcloth teases me with such cute dresses- like this one! And look at this darling swimsuit!!! And I have already been drooling over these shoes!


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