Happy Valentimes!


So I know I’m “a day late” but I work nights- remember!!!

My Valentines Day started with working, but when Mike got up for water around 1:30am, he came over to my desk and gave me a kiss and said “Happy Valentines Day” which I thought was incredibly sweet. He brought me home flowers on Monday- what a rebel- he won’t buy me flowers when they tell him too! So I slept and then got up a little early to clean up the house and go buy Lady and the Tramp. Came home, made a big valentine for my fella, and then finished up the rest of my handmade valentines- I have 26 to send out- oops late! Mike got home and we chatted while making our dog’s food and our dinner. Then we ate, watched Lady and the Tramp and laughed at Edina being so obsessed watching the TV, especially when she was laying upside down on the couch but still watching!  Around 8pm Mike was ready for bed and I wanted a small nap before starting my shift. It might seems silly, but I really cherish us getting into bed at the same time, even if I don’t get to stay too long. Since I work nights we usually are in bed opposite times, I sleep while he’s at work and he’s asleep while I work from home.

Now I am working, listening to Gala Darling’s Love and Sequins (and feeling super motivated!!!), and my Smart Dog Italian Sausage is in the toaster oven! I just wanted to jot a bit about my day and reflect on the fact that roses and chocolates and Hallmark card are just bullshit and true love is every single day of the year. Not that I don’t enjoy a reason to tell everyone I love them- but heck! I can make my fella cookies or give him a card or buy him a new beer to try whenever I damn well please!


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