Friday Internet Loving

Oh my goodness! This is quite the list today! Phew!!!!

Strong to the finish ’cause I eats me spinach!!!


Go like this video and give her a chance to be on cupcake wars, I don’t know her personally, but she’s from Peoria like me!

This coat is so dang gorgeous!!!

I am totally in love with this shoot, it’s absolutely breathtaking!

This dubstep dancing is insane- I wish I could do this!!!

I know I know, fuck consumerism, but seriously I kind of need this dress in my closet! And while we are it, this one too…

One of my favorite blogs, Rock N Roll Bride, interviewed Gala Darling, one of my other favorite bloggers- read it here!!!

If you don’t listen to Uhh Yeah Dude, you are a terd. There newest episode was recorded live in Seattle. So awesome. I went to their first live show in LA.

My sister-in-law, Bri, myself and my brother Mikey at the first UYD Live Show

I ordered these curtains from Sin in Linen, I wish I could afford to deck out my whole house in their stuff. I’ve wanted a set of their bedding for a few years now!!

Need to laugh? two of my favorite SNL skits, here and here.

I know a lot of people really dislike Kat Von D, but I think she is totally awesome and super honest, I want to see her whole episode of the Dr Phil show

Not sure about what exactly is going on with SOPA?- I read this NPR article and it makes more sense to me now. This video is really good too.

Both me and Mike are very interested in the world of mushrooms and the amazing health benefits they can have. I found about Nicholas Money on NPR and wanna buy his book!

Everyone is talking about Paula Deen getting diabetes, and I think it’s sad, but hope that it helps people realize the risks overeating and unhealthy eating. I hope this can be a positive thing.

I use to do irish step dancing, and I have always loved this commercial, I don’t know why I thought of it, I hadn’t seen it in forever.

Baby Blink 182 is so damn cute!

Shit Brides Say is amazing and made me laugh pretty hard. Though I don’t get why it has to be a guy dressing up as a girl? Is that suppose to make it funnier?

Awesome article on record collecting by Henry Rollins, the most incredible punk rocker to live.

I think I linked to Ru Paul’s line of shoes for Iron Fist before, and here’s a little video of him, I just adore him!

One of my favorite blogs is Bad Sandwich Chronicles, which is written by Brendan Kelly of Lawrence Arms. It’s seriously well written and hilarious to boot.

This photographer compared fast food advertisements to actual fast food products, it’s pretty interesting to see the results.

I am very excited for this weekend. I have a shoot at a church tomorrow with one of my favorite ladies….

…and I am going to go snap some photos of people getting tattooed for the AZ Retro Rescue event that is to support Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Hope you have an amazingly fabulously ridiculously incredible weekend!! xoxo

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