A really good Sunday and Why I hate working overnights

I couldn’t get a good one, and this one I look happy in so that’s good enough!

Today was amazing, but let’s back up a little bit. I worked Friday night/Saturday morning and then slept most of Saturday.

I had a great dinner at Wildflower Bread Company with Mike Saturday night, we watched two awesome movies (I’m gonna have to do another netflix post soon) and then I went to bed pretty early, about 2 am (I got to be about 8 or 9 am when I work). So I got up with Mike at 8:30 this amazing Sunday morning and grabbed stuff from the store and made us french toast. Then we went to the swap meet where as soon as I sighed “I guess we should get out of here, we’ve had no luck today” We found a bunch of amazing stuff right in a row. We got the puppies REALLY nice harnesses that make them look tough and make walking them way better. I got a gold framed mirror (which is now pink for my Valentines day shoot 2 weeks from today!) for only $5 and an awesome gold wall hanging of a ship that I totally adore for only $10. And we got a set of really nice ceramic panthers (I’ve seen similar at antique stores asking more then I thought fair) and we got both for only $10- but immediately after putting them in the bag and turning around the plastic handle ripped and one shattered right there in front of the booth! But at least one of them survived! It was actually pretty funny how it was literally about 6 seconds after Mike paid for them he dropped them! Oh no!

We came home and took down our xmas lights-finally! I got stuff in my car to take to Savers tomorrow and Mike did some yardwork and I got the garage somewhat more organized. It was so nice to spend time together and make some lunch at home and just be together. I ended up falling asleep for a while after and then woke up to go meet my lovely friend Jessica to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. She lives in San Tan Valley so when we met at Chandler Fashion Square it was 40 minutes on my gps and 45 on hers- so I think we found the perfect halfway point to meet and hangout! It was good to see her and suprisingly I enjoyed the drive home since I am barely driving these days…which is a total pro of working from home….

but the problem right now is the one big con. I hate sleeping during the day. I hate being up all night alone. I feel out of it and confused from sleeping so weird. I just don’t like it. And this one huge con is making all the pros of working from home not worth it. I’m slipping back into my depression, feeling way insecure with things with Mike and just sleepy all the time. I think I am sleeping too much and I hate sleeping when Mike is home, it sucks and makes me feel like I am missing time with him. I don’t know what to do. I want to stay where I am working. I love the company, I love the job, I love eating almost all my meals at home, I love hanging out with Edina when I work, I love having only 4 shifts a week and I love being in my pajamas and watching Netflix while I work. But I just can’t decide if all that awesome-ness makes it worth it. I think my big issue is that I need to stop sleeping for so long and that has been really hard for me! So now it’s almost 3:30 am and I am tired so I am going to go cuddle up next to Mike and the pups for a bit since Mike will get up in about an hour for work. I’m going to try to get up earlier tomorrow and make my day productive. I need to go to Savers (25% off everything day!) and the gym and make us some yummy tortilla soup!

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