Friday Favs

Technically it’s Saturday, but here’s my list anyways!!!

Oh man, Betsey Johnson is incredible amazing, I mean really look at this necklace!!!

This bums me out, since I sit for 10 hours, I try to get up a lot, but man it sucks that our lives have come to this.

This tour of Courtney Love’s NYC townhouse is gorgeous.

This song is so damn adorable I can’t stand it!!!

Holy Moly!!!! I am pretty sure this right here is going to be happening in my kitchen very very soon!!!

The “shit girls say” video was funny, but i like this one even better! My favorite is this one though for sure!

One of my all time favorite songs ever, and with the Boston Pops? So pretty!

This gif makes me want to dance forever!!!

Have you watched Portlandia yet? It is seriously awesome, I watched them all right in a row!

This is a great blog by Amanda Palmer about her getting married.


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