Lou and Edina

Sometimes I really can’t imagine what my life would be like without my little Edina Valentine’s smiling face. The love I have for her, and of course Lou too!!! is so overwhelming. They aren’t just dogs, they are our family and they bring both me and Mike so much joy. Being home more has been amazing, it’s calmed Lou’s anxiety a lot and had made Edina even more loving and a little less crazy (notice I say a little, not a lot). Her energy is amazing though and she’s so much fun to be around and watch her bounce around like a little deer. Her cuteness is seriously insane. I just feel so blessed and I know some people think dogs are gross or should only be outside or whatever, but to me dogs are really incredible creatures and should be part of the family, they can bring so much to your life, and I know my puppies bring so much to me.


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