New Years Eve of Years Past

It looks like we will probably be just staying in again this year for New Years. As fun as it is to go out, it’s just too crazy as far as cops everywhere and all sorts of too drunk for their own good people. It’s “amateur hour” and so it’s just not worth it. It’s going to be a good time just being at home and having a few close friends over. I am so excited for the new year and I have lots planned for both myself and my photo business. I can’t wait to start the year off and get so much done and accomplished!

A look at New Years Eves from the past…


I was sick and so me and Mike had  nice night in with some yummy veggie sushi, then we watched Avatar and counted down to midnight on a good ol’ battery wall clock.


We celebrated the new year at Casey Moores. This was the first year I ever had a fella to kiss at midnite!


Ended up at a party with Candy, it was her brother’s girlfriend’s friends house. It was an alright night, but not too epic.


Went to an amazing house party in Tucson with Candy and our friend Lexy when we all worked at Zia together.


Vegas trip, we use to go every year and this was the last year we went.


Another year in Vegas with the ladies!


I think this was the second year we went, I couldn’t find an earlier one, so this might have been the first year.


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