Andrew Jackson Jihad- Knife Man= most amazing album ever!!!

The new(ish) album from Andrew Jackson Jihad- Knife Man is literally one of the best albums I have heard in my lifetime. Period. Granted, I am no musical genius. I am no experienced musician or do I know all about the history of music, but I know my history and I know the influence my music has had on ME and this one, is downright magical.

I have been wanting the new album since I first heard about it, but after two trips to Zia they didn’t seem to be getting it any time soon. So when I looked up and saw that they were playing I was very excited not only to see them but be able to buy the record from them. It usually cheaper, but not only that you know the band is getting more of the money you pay for it, and of course that is always a great thing to do.

AJJ is a band who really has helped me get through some shit. With such honest and raw lyrics, it’s easy to get lost in the catchiness of a song and scream your lungs out along. I am so happy to have this new album. It’s just such an amazing collection of songs that really touches me and helps say the thinks I think in a way where I can belt it out and get it all out of my mind.

“You don’t have it any better and you don’t have it any worse.
You’re an irreplaceable human soul with your own understanding of what it means to suffer.
And that’s a huge fucking bummer.”


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