Christmas is Coming!!!

Jessa Doll with Hair and MUA: Jana Marie

Can you believe how close it is to Christmas? Today I sleep (I am just about to clock out) then get a workout in and make some lip balms and cocoa ornaments. Tomorrow I sleep and then have a baking afternoon with Ana before going to my brother’s to celebrate a Christmas dinner with my mom and siblings. I can’t wait. And then Friday I have off and so does Mike! I miss sleeping next to him as silly as that sounds, I really really do. So I am excited for a few days off, and excited to sleep in the same bed a few nights. Friday is xmas eve and that’s when all of my dad’s family gets together. For me it’s too hectic, too many people, but I still love to see my family, even if I feel like I barely say hello before we are all saying goodbye. Then Saturday, Christmas day I get to spend with Mike’s family which I am extra excited about. It’s super low key and we are doing a secret santa swap! I am really so excited to give gifts, I love doing that! And I got to wrap some really nicely this year and Shannon helped me too. More photos of all sorts of shit to come, I promise!!!


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