A little note on how Tara O. Photos is doing

I am really feeling much more confident in my photos lately. I think that I am getting a better grasp on my lighting and also being more successful and being inspired by other photographer, rather than getting down on my self because I am not good enough. The thing with art is that it has all been done, so you really can’t be a “true” original, but you can take bits and pieces of what you enjoy and what you want to show the world and mush them together in a different way so that it is your own. That is why I am trying to do, take a pose idea from here, an angle from there, a prop or theme from somewhere else, heck I even borrow from my own past works and idea, which also came from somewhere else in some way. It’s frustrating, but also a very kind of awesome process. I am getting a lot more excited about the work I am producing and a lot more excited about coming up with some rad stuff that is more “art” then client based, if that makes sense at all.

I also think my background paper is a great investment and I plan on getting many more. I know it’s not equpiment that makes a good photographer but it does help. I asked my dad for a new lens for xmas and I am hoping that I get it so I can get even better photos. I feel like my lens is just not as sharp as it use to be, it’s quite a few years old, along with my body. If a Canon 5D Mark II fell in my lap I would probably have a heart attack and die and not even be able to ever use it. I really can’t wait to get to a point where I can afford to get the stuff I really want to take my photos even to the next level.

For now I have a few shoots lined up and in the works right now. I have plans for Viva and for Ink and Iron again. I am the official photographer for Rockabilly Royale in Flagstaff this summer. I am going to do a Valentines Day shoot (oh yes- pink red and lots of LOVE) and who knows what else. I’m loving how it is going right now and hope I just keep on going up up up!


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