Friday Favorites

Photo by Chasing Shiny Objects

So technically it’s Saturday, but only by about an hour and 40 minutes : ]

I am working and might have just gotten a little teary eyed when Mike and the pups went to bed just a few minutes ago, but I am enjoying some episodes of Saturday Night Live and trying to be positive. We are going to get some patio and cleaning done tomorrow and then going to my brothers and my Aunt Susie and my Uncle Matt are going to be in town. So we are all going to get together and hangout for a bit. Then me and Mike are going to see Andrew Jackson Jihad tomorrow night!!!

I already bought all the supplies to make some of these awesome candles for xmas gifts!

This DIY for a dog bed makes me wish Lou and Edina were just a teeny bit smaller…

Super cute Save the Date video. I love the idea of doing a video : ]

I can’t stop listing to this Lil Wayne cover. It’s amazing.

I just plain love Dita Von Teese and everything about her.

I listened to these on NPR, and hosted by Tina Fey- heck yes!

Totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this image!

I simply love this wedding to bits. So beautiful. Oh man, and this one too!!! And look at this cute wedding video too!

I did this to my hair and it was SOOOOOO curly!

This website is very interesting but also sad.

I am just so in love with Kat Von D, why is she so gorgeous???

I really wanna make this, I asked for a juice for xmas so we shall see!!!


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