Out with the old and in with the New

Today I start my new adventure. My new job, working overnight from home. I am about 3 hours into my first shift and hoping I will make it all the way to 8 am. Mike and the puppies are asleep, I was hoping the pups would hangout with me but they were tired and use to sleeping right now too. I just watched a documentary about Dolly Parton fans that was totally adorable and now I am watching one on Ed Hardy, which is proving to be very interesting. I have a 5 hour energy on my desk that I am about to choke down so I can try to be up for my whole shift.

I’ve had pretty bad anxiety about the last week. I’ve been worried about undertaking such a huge change and if it’s going to work. I am trying to stay calm about it and focus on all the amazing aspects, like working in pajamas, no commute, being home more, having the pups around more, but I didn’t think much about the cons, and really I just feel a tiny bit lost. I went to Green today and met up with Candy and we just talked and ate and it helped so much. I also talked to Mike a bit and he assured me it will be ok. I also took a long walk with my puppies, which felt very refreshing and awesome.

I think that this really is going to be a good change for me, I’ve wanted a big shift or change or something lately and I think this is going to be it. I can take better care of my home, eat better, work out more and spend more time working on my business. There’s so much good coming ahead for me and I am so very excited about it.


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