Sorry I’ve been so quiet- so much is happening!!!

Being up early in the morning does something magical to the world. I can’t explain it but it just feels special to be awake when not a lot of other people are. It makes me excited to start working nights from home. Hanging out with the puppies and drinking warm cider and watching movies in the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping while Mike works than waking up to make some food and spend time as our little family. I think the schedule is going to be awesome for me.

Right now though my training is awesome. The job is fun and entertaining, if not tedious, as all jobs are of course. The company is just really rad and I am so excited to be a part of it. It’s nice to spend time training with my awesome lady Jana Marie as well. Yesterday we went to lunch with Tonya too (I photographed her and her sister for the creepy shining style photos…)

I am super excited for Thanksgiving in a few days. Mike goes to his family’s house and I go to Tucson to see my Oma so Wednesday night we are going to have our own little feast from Wildflower Bakery and a few cocktails to celebrate together. We do that shit everyday though so it’s not a big deal to not be together the whole day. I am making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, apple spice whoopie pies and chocolate dipped oreos and sticks! I am excited to bake!

I also have two awesome shoots this weekend- a calendar on Saturday (yay!) and a shoot with a beautiful burlesque dancer on Sunday, I just bought gold foil curtains for a backdrop for that!



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