Two Years!

Not the best photo of us, but not the worst.

On our two year anniversary.

Sometimes things don’t go how you imagine or play out in your head. Obviously. Some people have a really hard time with this, and when I say some people, I mean myself. Though, I am so much better about this now. After thinking when I started college I wouldn’t even finish because I would get married and have babies, I have realized things are NOT AT ALL what you plan.

Basically, you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t control the weather.

So this might sound more serious than needed, but I got super bummed that our anniversary wasn’t all fireworks and surprise dinners and crazy passion stuff. Part of me got really upset, even though we had planned for it to be low key. We are actually going out of town this weekend as our celebration. After getting upset and making the night a little rocky at first we ended up having a good time and a yummy dinner at SunUp Brewery. What I really learned a little more through this though is that you don’t have to celebrate on the specific days we are told to, me and Mike celebrate everyday our lives together. Just because our anniversary wasn’t epic, doesn’t mean our love isn’t.


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