Little Miss October

So on October 1st (I know it was a little while ago…) while shopping at Lowe’s for some backyard stuff, Mike found the most adorable little white kitty I have ever seen in my life. It was under a fence/behind some merchandise and my adorable fella got down on his belly and saved the poor kitty. It was playing with a plastic lid and seemed very healthy, but we knew we couldn’t leave it there. And of course, in most cases such as this employees don’t care or do anything to help the animal. We didn’t want it to end up in the parking lot or at a pound so we just took it home with us!

I was really hoping to keep her around, but knew that realistically with two big ol Rottweilers that wasn’t going to happen. Edina was very excited and tried to kiss her, which of course made her all wet, but Lou was less excited and seemed like he wanted to bite her or something, he wasn’t amused. Edina still will run around and look for her if you ask her where the kitty is, she remembers the word kitty still, which just shows how smart my little girl is!

Basically, it was perfectly meant to be because not only did my friend Jessica talk to her boyfriend that week about getting a new kitty, but we were already planning on being on her side of town the following day. So it all worked out amazing, and they decided to give her the name Zoe. We had picked October because we found her the first day of October and it’s my favorite month, the name was Mike’s idea.

So now this gorgeous little baby has an amazing home and a great momma and other cats to play with too! We had fun with her for the day we had her and of course I can’t wait to visit her over at Jessica’s sometime soon!


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