Music Monday- Defiance, Ohio

You know how you come across a certain album and listen to it ad nausea, but never get sick of it. That is The Great Depression by Defiance, Ohio. It is such a beautiful and amazing album, I recommend you go buy it, it’s only $6 from No Idea. Today! Really, any of their albums are amazing, and you should probably just get them all…

“When I think to stop when enough is enough, or when we think to stop when enough is enough, when I want to stop when enough is enough, then I might just sleep at night.”

The lyrics on all of their albums are just incredible. I am for sure a huge lover and lyrics. I know obviously most people like a band for what it is saying and for the sound, but sometimes I just want to take the words and hold them in my mouth and mind and then SHOUT them from the top of a mountain because they are like they just came out of my own mind. I love it. Defiance, Ohio gives me this urge.

Unfortunately I have no seen Defiance live, since they do not tour often and Arizona isn’t always very tempting to a bad, which I totally understand, especially in the summer. One day though, I hope I am lucky enough to experience them live!

“do you remember passion? it’s burried beneath a concrete world. have you forgotten
compassion? are you in the middle of an ugly war between yourself and a giant
machine? are you so tired you can’t even dream anymore?”


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