On today in…2006

Five years ago today, I received a letter from ASU telling me they weren’t going to accept me into the Photography program. I remember being so crushed and broken and just a big mess over the whole thing. Rejection like that really hurt badly, not many people got rejected. But I realize now that I didn’t understand the concept of cohesiveness well enough, but really it was a matter of I just wanted to photograph anything and everything and that’s what I was doing. It took me a little more time to refine my style and my ideas. It’s a huge process, and I went through it all with my fine art work (which I miss doing greatly). I think I am still in the middle of trying to define and carve out what I want now and how what I do now with clients differs from what my fine art work was. I have lots of ideas brewing right now though and some projects in the works so that makes me very giddy and excited!


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