Pinup Model- Sarabella Scandal

Even though I wrapped up most of my pinup model interviews a bit ago, I got a straggler from the lovely Sarabella Scandal! I got the pleasure of shooting with this amazing little lady in Vegas at Viva last year, hopefully I get to again!

1. What is your pinup name? And your real name?
My pinup name is Sarabella Scandal, and my real name is Sara Pierce.

2. How long have been doing pinup modeling; about how many shoots have you done?
I’ve been modeling consistently for a year now and I have done about 11 shoots. I’ve been a busy girl.

3. Where is the coolest or most exciting location you have shot at?
Being a Midwest girl, the most exciting shoot was with you at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. It was dusk and the grounds were beautiful. It was my first time in Vegas and I was so glad to shoot with you.

4. What’s your favorite set/look you’ve shot?
I just wrapped up a shoot at my favorite tiki bar in Chicago land called Hala Kahiki. It is old school tiki and every inch of it is covered in something unique and beautiful. Also, best drinks anywhere. I’ve already booked my birthday there in December.

5. Who’s your favorite photographer? Who would you like to work with?
I have to say, I’ve loved every photographer I’ve worked with. I believe that Pinup should be empowering to women, and every photographer has made me feel completely empowered in the shoot. I’ve really enjoyed working with Angel Steege. I feel like I could roller skate naked in front of her and not blink twice. I would like to work with Mitzi & Co. their images are stunning.

6. What is your dream shoot? Where would it take place? What would be the concept?
Hmmmm. That’s tough. Loving tiki so much, I would love to do a beautiful island shoot. Waves, vintage swimsuits, can we get a volcano in on it too? Let’s discuss over pina coladas.

7. What clothing/accessories sites do you like to buy from?
I buy from all over. My go to sites on the web are Pinup Girl Clothing and Heartbreaker Fashions, excellent clothes and great prices. I also recommend being facebook friends with them to hear about their sales (you can grab some steals that way). I also really like Lolita Girl, Bettie Page Clothing, and Get Go Retro, That being said, I also love hitting great vintage and resale shops.  So get up and dig out some local treasures!

8. Any advice or words of wisdom for other models looking to get into pinup?
It’s all about loving yourself and having fun with it. Remember Pinup Modeling isn’t a career for any of us, it’s a hobby. So get dolled up, go out, and do it. You will be amazed at all the support you get from strangers and friends. I always say, “It’s a cheeky good time” and I plan on having a “cheeky, good time” every time.

Love & Lipstick, Sarabella Scandal


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