All the Small Things…

So I won a pair of tickets through Zia Records to see Blink 182 last weekend. Me and Mike were debating whether to sell them or just to go. We decided we wouldn’t even pay to see them more than likely, so we may as well take advantage of it. So we had dinner and a few drinks at Casey Moore’s and walked over to Tempe Town Lake for the show. We waited until just before they came on and I am glad, we didn’t even last the whole set. Partly because the people there were mind-boggling and then we also realized we didn’t want to be stuck trying to get out of the area while everyone else was too. They played Josie and Dammit so we were happy. The highlight was of course spending time with my sweet fella, but seeing Travis Barker drum was the best part of the show. It was super crazy to watch him and he’s just fucking awesomely talented.

(P.S. If you dig his drumming check out the Transplants- soooo good!)


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