Savage Tattoo Magazine

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen, but a photo I took for MamaSan Maternity ended up in Savage Tattoo Magazine!!! I am so pleased, I’ve never had a photo in a magazine and I am very grateful that they named me as the photographer instead of just using it.

Here’s the thing though, they didn’t ask permission. And while that kind of bothers me, I am still excited about having my photo in a magazine you can find at a gas station or Fry’s (where I found it!). I emailed the magazine and was told that the photo was sent by MamaSan Maternity and that he apologized. He also added that they just hired a new editor for the publication and he will pass my information along to her for consideration in future issues- that would be fantastic. So we will see what happens, but in the meantime- HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

Oh and it’s the November issue if you are interested in picking it up!


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