Two Years!!!

Honestly, I never thought me and Mike would be together still. When we first started dating I couldn’t believe he was sticking around through the icky stuff. No boy had ever done that before. But Mike is an amazing man and despite some icky stuff we’ve endured we are still together and wicked in love. I feel like every day we grow a little closer and I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I’m totally smitten with him! So here’s a little timeline of photos, enjoy!

One of my favorites of us, this was before his work xmas party.

Hiking with Mr Lou

Another hiking picnic date

He looks so funny shaved!

Playing around with my new camera

On Autotopia at Disneyland

Fancy beach breakfast

At the beach again

On Mike’s birthday

At my dad’s house

Me and Mike in the woods

Having a cocktail

In San Francisco, love this one of us

At the bowling alley

On our one year anniversary

At the breast cancer walk

Halloween of last year

Zombie Prom

Topping our xmas tree

xmas card outtake- notice the matching murder city devils shirts

On xmas day

During one of many many strolls with the pups


Another on a walk photo

At Gracie’s band show

At the park, flying a kite

Prescott for Mike’s birthday

one of my absolute favorites

Watching the Buzzcocks

Flagstaff trip

buying my car

On my birthday!

There will be more photos soon for sure! Two years- fuck yes! ❤


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