Homemade DIY Dog Food!

Because my sweet Lou is getting older and having some issues, he’s been really picky about what he eats. He just refused to eat any dry kibble. They seemed to love it when we first started but grew sick of it quick.

So I decided to DIY. There’s lots of online recipes and I took the gist of some and made my own version. I’ve alraedy made a few batches and even though it’s VERY time consuming, both the pups literally jump for joy when I say the word “food” now.



Meat- ewww I made Mike cook this!

Veggies! I used about 1/2 veggies for the latest batch I made, cheaper that way too!

Mike doing his thing.

All mixed up. I pureed the veggies so they would digest them easily. Yep, I love my puppies that much!!!

Edina loves it

Lou gobbled it down!!

Thanks Mommy!!!

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