Does Anyone Read this Thing???

In a bathroom in a small coffee shop in New Orleans

So I’m kinda thinking lately, “Does anyone read this?” I mean, I am loving getting into blogging. And I think it’s just awesome regardless of if I have a ton of people reading, but I never know if I am talking to myself when I’m writing. It’s confusing to me whether it’s a journal or a platform to talk to others. I really want to share all my DIY ideas and insight into my photos/artwork. But I guess I’m not sure anyone cares. I promise I am not fishing for any compliments or anything here, I’m just sorta wondering what I am doing. Haha.

This is sort of a random post, so whatever I will keep blabbing. All day in my head I have been mulling around the thought of doing a pinup calendar to benefit an animal rescue. It was actually Mike’s idea. We’ve both been feeling sort of “ok what are we doing, what is the purpose of working ourselves to the point of exhaustion just to pay bills?” Well, we were watching Rescue Ink last night (which is an awesome show, it’s on Netflix instant view) and I think that’s what sparked in him. He’s always been a huge animal guy and I’ve become a total lame dog lady- which I love!!! Well, I’ve been texting with Jana from AZ Retro Rescue we’ve got lots of ideas and I am so excited and I’m really really hoping it’s something we can get a lot of people behind. Models, business owners and people buying xmas gifts- how great is that for a gift, helping out an animal who needs rescue?

Tonight I get to shoot with Miss Taryn Ashley who is right now on her way to get hair and makeup done by the amazingly talented Amber Dextress. I am seriously beyond excited and it’s going to be so nice to see Taryn again, we use to live so close to each other and hangout all the time! I miss her!!


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