Oh Esty- you’re my Bestie!!!

I think we might all long for an unlimited wallet for Etsy. There’s just so much to look at and it’s hard not to want it all…well…I mean not ALL of it. You have seen Regretsy before right?

Here’s some of the stuff I am jonesing over right now…

Felt Skull Garland Bunting

This is totally darling, I think I might even try to make my own!

Zombie Elvis Ceramic Bust

Pure genius. I want this sitting on my bookcase so badly!

Love in a Trash Can Print

This reminds me of me and Mike ❤

Fancy Filigree Letter Monogram Hard Candy

I would just love to get some of these made to put in cupcakes. Spell out “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas” How cute would that little display be?

Snow White Retro Apron

Oh my lord. I almost want to buy this for Halloween just so I have a reason to justify buying it for myself.

Pearlescence Sage Green Bobbies

These are just simply gorgeous. Sometimes the most simple can be the most beautiful.

Plush Donut Pet Bed Chocolate Sprinkles

Lou and Edina need these. There’s a pink frosted one too, that one could be for Edina.

Handknit Shark Mittens

It really doesn’t get cold enough to need mittens very often in Phoenix, but I would have sweaty hands just to play with these adorable little guys.

Open Back Multicolor Cotton Dress

Sigh. This dress is just gorgeous. I love the shape and love the bow. Adorable.

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