So, as you may know I am a huge huge fan of Bake and Destroy! Well, I recently won her giveaway from Bombshell Bake Shop and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. Even though I am not vegan, I love eating vegan as much as I possibly can. So getting a box full of delicious vegan baked goods was amazing!!!

The goodies!

My vinkie was so freaking delicious!

Mike loved the chocolate vinkie, it was my favorite too.

The Liz Lemon, which I was so very excited to eat. It was pretty dang yummy and awesome because it’s named after one of my favorite characters ever.

Craisin cookie! So so yummy. Loved the chocolate chip one too.

Amazing shirt, I think it’s just so dang cute, a totally wonderful logo.

Look how adorable the back is! And this shirt fits me perfectly!

Let me know if you order any goodies what you think. I’m thinking it’d be a great idea for xmas presents!

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