My Goals

I’ve been keeping some of these goals/ideas in the back of my mind for quite a while now.

I just finished watching an AMAZING documentary that I really have been inspired by. It’s called What Would Jesus Buy? and it is a must watch on Netflix. It’s all about Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping and the amazing performance art/ protesting they do. You need to watch this documentary, especially with Christmas coming up! At least watch the trailer and see if it sparks your interest.

Some of these goals are spawned from this doc, but most are just some goals of things I think I can do to help. Instead of feeling bummed or downtrodden about where our world is headed, I am going to do every bit I can to help and I encourage you to do the same. Let me know if you plan on adopting any of my goals below too, it’s be amazingly amazing if you do!!!

1. Buy local as much as possible

– As someone who wants to be able to own my own business one day, it only makes sense to support others who are doing the same, they need the help and the encouragement, and they are often way friendlier and have a better product than Target or WalMart of Kohls.

2. Do not shop at WalMart, at all

Not at all. This is really hard becuase it is RIGHT around the corner for me and sometimes you need something last minute. In the two years I’ve lived in my house I’ve been in there maybe 20 times. That’s not too bad, but it’s not very good either. Plus, when me and Mike were there a few months ago there was a big alert in the store because some little girl got snatched up and nobody could find her. Wow, safe huh?

3. Only buy beauty products not tested on animals

I’ve always said I am good about this, but realized recently I don’t always do my research and grab something cheap. Or I just assumed that not that many companies test on animals. Well, shitty thing is almost all of them do. Do some research. So far I am loving all things Burt’s Bees and of course, who doesn’t love Dr. Bronner’s soap huh?? Oh and I just got amazing toothpaste at Trader Joe’s for $2.29- and it’s bigger than Burt’s Bee’s tube!

4. Grow hydroponic fruits and veggies

Mike already has plans for how to build our hydroponic garden. Though I don’t understand all the technical stuff, I know we are going to have our own garden, in the garage and it’s going to be amazing. I cannot wait to be more self-sufficient and not spending money on produce to pay for the oil that brought it to me. Rather, I am cutting out the middle man. I will still buy from local food stands of course, but most of what I eat will be from my own work. You can google about hydroponic systems if you are interested. Also, once Mike gets it all planned out I know he wants to help people set up their own in their homes!

5. Buy only secondhand clothing, or clothing made in USA

-I don’t know why I don’t thrift more often. Shopping seems like a silly goal, but it’s not to shop more it’s to shift my shopping. Why buy a new dress at Target and spend $30, knowing the child who made it made a tiny tiny amount of that, when you can get something amazing and original at a thrift store and help keep the world’s waste down? It really only makes sense. It’s bad that before I really thought “oh child labor laws” and really didn’t stop to think about the people working themselves crazy to make barely any money to stitch a shirt I really don’t need. It’s so greedy and it’s so sad and why does everyone just turn a blind eye. Why do Americans just think we are better than everyone *end soap box rant, well for now, I think this whole post is almost a rant*

6. All xmas presents from Etsy or handmake them myself

-This was already my thought but after watching What Would Jesus Buy? I have decided that I will for sure not give into all the crazy consumerism. My list of gifts is not long and I do not want to buy anyone anything just to “get them something.” That’s a waste of money. They will probably just toss it or give it away so what’s the point? If anything, I will bake gifts like that, I don’t need to be guilted into feeling like I should buy for everyone I know…

7. Only eat at smaller restaurants, no big chains

-This means no more Taco Bell. This is hard for me. As a vegetarian there’s not many quick options out there that aren’t french fries. I am going to stick to this as much as possible because supporting those large chains means closing down awesome little mom and pop places that are so much better anyways! And heck eating at home is probably the best bet!

8. Make coffee at home, coffee out no more than twice a week

-I know maybe twice a week is still a lot but I am going to start here. This includes weekends. Me and Mike love Starbucks on a Sunday morning so every once in a while, but I am getting on a trend that my wallet is not allowing anymore.

9. No more than one hour of TV on weeknights

-Along with this I am going to attempt to keep busy while I watch TV, such as work on a something (like boxing up photos or going through mail) or hula hooping. I really want to be going to bed early as possible and I usually only stay up later to watch TV. But it is nice to snuggle with Mike and spend some relaxing time together.

10. DIY as much as possible, even more than I already am

-I’ve already started this and it makes things around the house so much more fun and cheaper. For example, did you see when I made my own laundry soap. Well, I still have enough for probably 6 or 7 more loads at least and then I am going to make more. It literally cost about $10 and I still have the stuff to make more! I also made my own carpet cleaner the other day. Get this, whisk a little bit of hand soap (it got nice and fluffy in my Kitchen Aid) until it is a foam and then use. Cleaned up dog puke like a champ!

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