Documentaries I’ve watched Lately

So I’ve been watching too many “sad” documentaries lately. I find it very important to be knowledgeable and I love watching documentaries to broaden my thoughts and see things from different viewpoints. But in the past week or so, I’ve been letting all these collectively affect me and I have an overwhelmingly sad state of mind that “the world is just screwed.” Not something that helps out when I’m trying to avoid depression and anxiety.

Besides my current emotional state, I would recommend any of the documentaries listed. They are all on instant view on Netflix. Maybe just spread them out a bit so you won’t feel so bombarded. It’s important to be informed though and some of the issues are very vital to our society. Some people just turn a blind eye and don’t pay attention, that’s not going to help anything.

Maxed Out- This documentary talked about basically how screwed America is due to credit card debt. It was made in 2007, and unfortunately things have only gotten worse. So many people face debt and have multiple lines of credit open. The sad truth is that there is a gross abuse of these services and the credit card companies are set up to basically to get every last dime they can. All they care about is money, not at all about real people with real problems.

Escape from Suburbia- This one really worries me. I am so scared of what is going to happen when we run out of oil. It’s really sad how much we depend on it and how much our society revolves around having so much of it. This has me even more inspired to DIY as much as possible.

Tying the Knot- the fact that our country still hasn’t realized that all couples deserve the freedom to love sometimes just makes me sick. I cannot believe how steadfast people are in their opinion of gay marriage being “wrong.” Well, guess what the bible says a lot of things that get ignored, so how can you be so hypocritical to chose to hate people you don’t even know. Last I checked, God is about love, not being a dick. (P.S. If you haven’t seen this video, the Prop 8 Musical, go watch it- now!)

America the Beautiful- This isn’t the best made doc, but it’s very honest and real. It talks about the ways in which women, especially young girls are so deeply affected by the advertisements that get shoved down their throat. It’s really sad that our society values a “skinny” girl so much, because it really screws with the minds of forming little girls and it’s no wonder there’s so much depression and anxiety in this world. I highly recommend watching this one.

Fall From Grace- This one made me just incredibly sad. It’s all about Rev. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. He is basically a totally disgusting human and leads protests against gay marriage relentlessly, even at soldier’s funerals. This one really bummed me out but it is worth watching just to see just how ugly people can be.

The Lottery- And of course in the realm of sad documentaries, there has to be something on just how crappy our school system is. This is all about the lottery to get into charter schools and how much more superior they are to some public schools. It’s quite sad that there aren’t fair and equal schools for all children. Everyone deserves an amazing education, so let’s not even start on college.


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