Music Monday- the Arrivals

When I first heard The Arrivals on pandora, I was immediately in love. I bought their newest album Volatile Molotov and enjoy it immensely. Their style of rock is just really energetic and fun. I love their lyrics and they just all around know what they are doing and how to make a great album.

I got lucky at Zia Records yesterday when I found a copy of Marvels of Industry used for only $7! I had been searching for it and was getting ready to break down and order off Amazon. But I really like to find my CDs used if possible. It’s just more green and of course, cheaper for me too!

Unfortunately the Arrivals don’t have their own website, or a wiki page. They do have an AllMusic page and a Facebook. And I have been following their Facebook just waiting for them to announce a show. I haven’t seen them live yet and know it would be just plain epic to do so.

So if you like punk rock or just some good ol rock and roll, give The Arrivals a listen.


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