I use to say “I just can’t be friends with girls.” I use to feel like the only people I enjoyed being around were guys. When I was in high school, I hated all the drama and catty fighting. Throughout various jobs I’ve held it’s almost like the cattiness and immaturity has skyrocketed as these “girls” have become women. Not that I am above it- I’ve been part of dumb girl drama of course, but at one point it clicked and I realized it wasn’t worth it.

While it’s still true that I prefer working with males instead of females (actually, for the most part every girl I’ve worked with has gotten under my skin) the idea of “not being friends with girls” is absolutely not one that I think anymore. In fact, I’ve got a serious case of “Lady Love.”

Lady Love is the notion that women build each other up and enrich each others lives. This is instead of the unfortunate trend of constant “one upping” and girl on girl hate (anyone seen Mean Girls?!).  I have found that the more I’ve moved away from the immature notion of being jealous of any girl who has something you want, the more happier I have been with myself. Constantly comparing to other (especially among girls/women) is just plain exhausting and to me, is the fuel to feed the fire of consumerism. If you are constantly compared to someone prettier or more fashionable or trendier, than you will spend the money you have on trying to achieve this notion of “society pretty”.

You know what I say? Fuck this. Embrace the women in your life. Build one another up strong. There is something special about the bonds I have with my girlfriends that I don’t think is possible as with a man. Not that a man and a woman can’t have killer platonic relationships, but there’s some in women that makes it different.

With that said, don’t worry about my boyfriend- he knows about my Lady Love disease.

And the best part? This isn’t even all of them. I have so many wonderful gorgeous women in my life- it’s insane. I am so blessed!!!!


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