Oh ModCloth how you daunt me so!

ModCloth.com has been quite the tease lately. Their new arrivals are killing me.

There’s so many dresses I’m just dying to have. Thought I would share in case any of you have boatloads of money, unless me who has very little at the moment!!!

Blueberry Nights Dress

I just simply adore the cut on this dress. The neck is perfect, I love a “V” cut.

Elegant Underpinnings Contouring Panties

Oh so pretty panties! They had them in black too, but already sold out. I like the nude color so it could go under dresses without showing through.

Rainy Day Darling Dress

Almost anything lace and I am instantly sold.

Sun Up to Sun Down Dress

The price on this dress is pretty steep, but I just really love the fall colors. And I kinda hate color blocking, but this works for me.

No Need to Spree Heel

These shoes are just grand and would go swimmingly with the dress above, right?

Good Ol Daisy Dress

This dress doesn’t come in a big enough size for me, but I still adore it. It looks vintage.

Brand New Diary Dress

This is about to sell out and is pretty pricey, but it’s so gorgeous I had to share!!!

Day After Day Dress in Sprig

Nice and simple and flowy, so cute and I love the print.

Pride of the Sea Dress

Gah this is just darling. I love nautical clothing and the addition of a little yellow is genius.


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