Today in…2008

[09 Sep 2008|10:56pm]
I am sick of anxiety and headaches. I am going to start seeing a therapist.At the start of class today my intermedia professor (this amazing guy who is so nice to me I would think he is in love with me if he wasn’t the totally amazing gay gentlemen that he is) lead us through some yoga and a few minutes of meditation. If every time I started a class I did that I would be so happy.

I’ve got lots of amazing art-y type things happening. It’s exciting. I’m scared to graduate though! It’s going to be bonkers!

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So this what I wrote 3 years ago today. Part of me would give my right pinky to go back to school. I miss ASU and being in a learning/artistic environment so much. It forces you to be creative; forces you to take notice of other’s artwork. The man who taught my Intermedia course is Gregory Sale and I love him even more than I did this day when he had us do yoga, which is still one of my favorite memories of his classes (I took a few with him.) I think I blogged about running into him when I was showing my little sister, Shannon, around the campus. She’s going in to Intermedia right now and I am so jealous. I wanna go back. I did go see a therapist at ASU not long after this, which helped but not for long because then I graduated and had no insurance and no money to continue my treatment. I eventually got the help I needed and am still struggling sometimes to understand my disease, but I’ve gotten so far already.


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