Uhh Yeah Dude!!!!


Without a doubt, the greatest comedy podcast is Uhh Yeah Dude!

If you’ve never listened to this podcast, I suggest you do it right now. They are nearing their 300th episode, and I’ve been listening for a few years. I started at the first episode and caught up and have listened back a lot to older episodes a few times. They talk about pop culture news, their own lives and everything that comes their way. You really have to just listen. You have to be ok with some potty mouth and some hairy subjects, but it’s very funny and I love listening each week. I look forward to the next one as soon as I am done listening to it. I am actually listening to it as I write!

Even if you don’t have an IPOD, you can listen on their site at UHHYEAHDUDE.COM each week they put it up on the front page.

Let me know if you check them out what you think!


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