Pinup Model- Kayla Yazzie

1. Pin up name : I dont have one yet, but Im open to ideas 🙂   Real Name : Kayla Yazzie

2. How long have been doing pinup modeling; about how many shoots have you done? I recently started out modeling and searching for photographers in the south, but so far I have done one photoshoot and proud to say it was with you 🙂

3. Where is the coolest or most exciting location you have shot at? I would have to say in my hometown of Flagstaff at the Rockabilly Royale. Love the atmosphere of the people and of course the Rat Rods 😉

4. What’s your favorite set/look you’ve shot? I havent done an onset photoshoot but I would love to do one soon.

5. Who’s your favorite photographer? Who would you like to work with? My favorite photographer is you! I had the most relaxed and fun time with you. I would love to work with Mitzi Valenzuela. She does some amazing work with the ladies and some of her sets are very fun and beautiful.

6. What is your dream shoot? Where would it take place? What would be the concept? I have many dream shoots, so I”ll tell you two. A Bettie Page inspired whips and bondage photoshoot and also a creepy walking dead photoshoot. I like creativity. The whips and bondage set would be similar to Bettie’s and the Walking Dead set would be in a eerie graveyard or on a set with an awesome coffin. There too many concepts to each photoshoot and all are great.

7. What clothing/accessories sites do you like to buy from? I have never had the money for online shopping, so I like going to thrift stores or either searching for hours at the mall (blah) and trying to put an outfit together. One day I will learn to sew and make my own clothing. I actually like to make my own accessories, but if it’s last notice then, I go to an accessorie store like claire’s.

8. Any advice or words of wisdom for other models looking to get into pinup? Have FUN!!! 😉


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